Studio Policy

Tuition – All tuition is due by the first class of the month, program, session, or workshop.  Forms of payment include cash, check, and credit/debit cards.  Tuition payment can be made in person at the studio or online through Square invoice.

A fee of $10 will be applied to late payments (15th of the month).

NO REFUNDS.  Refunds will not be given if classes are missed.

Classes will not be prorated.  If a classes is missed for any reason a student will be allowed to make up the missed class in another class.

Programs, sessions, and workshops are priced as a whole unite and will not be prorated due to missed or skipped classes.

Dance store – Key School of Dance sells new and secondhand dancewear and dance shoes. The store is open to the public and is located in the front room of the building.

Class Cancellation Policy – Classes may be cancelled due to inclimate weather, holidays, sickness, or major schedule conflicts. Key School of Dance will notify clients via Facebook, Messenger, Email, text, phone and/ or website.

Class Conduct – RESPECT!  Respect your teacher, respect your fellow dancers, respect yourself.  Excessive talking and other distractions in class, rude behavior, hitting, spitting, biting, name calling, bullying, stealing, etc will not be tolerated.  Disruptive students will be given verbal warnings, asked to sit out of certain exercises or class, or even suspended from class in severe cases and Parents will be notified of behavior.

Prohibited in Class: Gum, electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, mp3 or iPods (unless otherwise approved by instructor), food and drink, street shoes, weapons, drugs, alcohol, smoking, and vaping. NO smoking, vaping, drugs, alcohol allowed in or near the building.

Equipment – Dancers must ask permission to use equipment. This includes stretch bands, stability balls, hoops, mats, weights, barres, props and studios. Students are not allowed to touch the sound systems without exclusive permission.Do not touch the mirrors, or artwork.

Do not hang, swing, or flip on the barres.

Waiting room – We ask that the waiting room stay relatively quite as loud talking can distract students in the classrooms. Do not allow younger children to wander the studio or grounds unattended.  Please clean up after yourselves.  We also ask the parents keep the class watching to a minimum as not to distract the dancers from the teacher and the instruction given.  Remember your dancers are learning.  Allow the teacher to conduct the class in all areas: instruction, flow, correction, management, and fun!  Parents will have opportunity to sit in class and observe during watch week!  This fun time allows the students to showcase what they are learning in class, it builds confidence as they dance in front of a small audience.  Watch weeks will be posted with the program outlines.

Grounds – Key School of Dance rents from Mike Roberts, the homeowner at the top of the property. He is very gracious in letting us rent from him and allow us access to his property.  We ask that you respect some boundaries. Please do not go up to Mr. Roberts house unless it is an emergency.  Everything east of the green house and pergola are off limits.  The pond is off limits.  The Barn, pasture and horses are off limits.  Please note that the fence around the horse pen is electric and should not be touched.  Mao is the orange cat that patrols the property.  This is also his home please treat him with respect.  He is friendly but does not like to be picked up.

Other wildlife to respect and observe on the grounds includes horses, ducks, geese, swans, chickens and other fowl.


Pick Up & Drop Off– The parking lot is a beautiful wooded , gravel lot.  It is designed as a circle drive for ease of drop off and pick.  Please keep the circle path as clear as possible.  For parking efficiency and max capacity please park at an angle along the east and west tree lines, and the North and south sides of the lot.  Avoid parking around the small tree patch in the middle of the lot. Thank you.  You are welcome to drop your child off and go do what you need to do, but please come back at the proper time to pick up your dancer. Dancers will not be allowed to wait outside unsupervised for pick up.

Pointe Shoes – Students must show great strength, proper alignment, and technique in ballet class before being considered for pointe shoes.  Students must have at least 3 years of solid ballet training, and be at least 12 years old.  Pointe students must be approved by a ballet teacher before being promoted to this level.  Students must go through pointe boot camp after being accepted into pointe class.  We take this very serious at KSD and have the safety of the student in mind. Not all students will go on pointe or advance at the same time.

Performance – Key School of Dance will have two performances a year in which students can participate a Christmas show and a Spring show.  Dancers who participate will be charged a fee that covers the costume, extra class time, extra rehearsal time, and venue rental.  The fee will vary with each show, however at Key School of Dance we strive to keep these cost as low as we can so that every student can participate.

Unlocked Dance Collective – Dancers, who wish to, can audition for the studio company.  Auditions will be held twice a year.  Students who wish to perform with the company must take a minimum of two ballet classes a week at Key School of Dance.  Placement in the company is based on age, dance level, attendance, ability, audition.  See Unlocked Dance collective for more information.

Dress Code – Key School of Dance holds a level of modesty.  No bra tops, no booty shorts, no bare midriffs, no bare chest.  Tops and bottoms with inappropriate pictures, drawings, prints, or words will not be allowed in the classroom. Please wear appropriate and supporting undergarments in class. Wear the appropriate shoes for the designated class.  No big, dangly jewelry (i.e. earrings, bracelets, necklace, rings, etc).  Teacher has the final say.  If the teacher request it then do it.

Creative movement/ pre-ballet/ Ballet/ Pointe – Ladies and girls – Leotard, pink or black tights, pink ballet shoes, ballet skirt or dance shorts.  Warm ups such as ballet sweaters, leg warmers, and knits are accepted.  No baggy clothing. Hair must be in a bun or, if short, out of face.

Contemporary – Ladies and girls- leotard, black or tan tights, leggings, capri, jazz pants, dance shorts.  Warm ups such as fitted tops, leg warmers, and fitted bottoms are acceptable.

Hair style is determined by the instructor. Bare feet , ballet shoes, or dance soles / foot undies.

Jazz – Leotard, black or tan tights, jazz pants, capri, leggings, shorts, fitted tops, black or tan jazz shoes ( slip on or lace up) hair up or otherwise determined by instructor.

Dress Code for Men and boys that take ballet, contemporary, and jazz – fitted t-shirt or tank top, leggings, capri, jazz pants, fitted sweatpants, shorts, athletic boxers, flesh, black or white ballet shoe, tan or black jazz shoe.

Tap – Comfortable clothing, dancewear or street wear. Tap shoes. Students choice in color and style.

Hip Hop – Street clothing that does not hinder movement.  Pants must be on waist. Tops must be appropriate no bra tops, or peekaboo/cut out tops unless layered with other tops.  No skirts or shorts that will show undies.  Shoes can be sneakers, boots, high tops.  No sandals, or shoes or clothing that will slip off.

Adult Dance Classes – Dress comfortably and wear the appropriate shoe for the class taken.